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Thankful at Thanksgiving

We started up this endeavor nearly a year ago, and during this season of thanks, we thought it made sense to reflect on what we're thankful for over the last year.

First, we're thankful to live in this great country, where people are free to pursue their interests and passions.

We're thankful for family (especially those who put up with worms in the house, and the crazy idea that maybe we can make a go of this great adventure). We're also thankful for our family members who have been some of the earliest and strongest supporters of the business.

We're thankful to live in a beautiful part of upstate New York, where the rolling hills, farm fields and vistas never cease to amaze.

And of course, we're thankful for our customers, who allow us the privilege of helping them divert waste and move forward as a viable worm farm.

Thank you all.

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