• Reduce your carbon footprint
 • Reduce landfill waste
 • Grow a great garden

Providing curbside composting,
worm-powered vermicast,
composting worms, and more.

Curbside Composting service:

- weekly or biweekly pickup of 5-gallon bucket

- clean bucket swap with every pickup

- Compost provided to you annually

- No contract required

- Help reduce climate change for less than the cost of your morning coffee

Adirondack Worm Farm uses hot composting methods as well as specialized composting worms to convert waste (food scraps, leaves, woodchips and more) into high-quality, all-natural compost..


We can help you divert your food waste out of the trash bin on the front end, and help you grow beautiful flowers, healthy trees, and vibrant fruits and vegetables on the back end in a virtuous, sustainable loop.

For serious gardeners looking for a super-charged replacement to chemicals fertilizers, we produce vermicast using specialized red wiggler composting worms. (Learn more about how we do this here.)

 - Bill Richmond, chief composter and worm wrangler

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