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Additional Resources

These websites are great for learning even more about vermiculture and worms

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
    This site includes a video demonstrating the impacts of vermicompost on seedlings, as well as other great information on what it describes as "a living soil amendment." (Click the logo to visit the site)
  • Washington State University Extension
    This site has a great, in-depth review of composting worms and the benefits of vermicompost. It also includes a cool graphic of a worm's digestive system! (Click the logo to visit the site)
  • North Carolina State Extension
    North Carolina University is one of the country's pre-eminent authorities on vermiculture and hosts an annual vermicomposting conference every fall. Click the image below to see a list of question and answers - including how worms move, which end is the head, and if they can smell without a nose. (Click the logo to visit the site)
  • Red Worm Composting
    Bentley Christie is one of the most knowledgeable people out there today when it comes to vermicomposting with Red Worms. He is an active blogger with informative and easy-to-read posts. (Click the logo to visit the site)
  • The Urban Worm Company
    The Urban Worm Company offers do-it-yourself home composting products and is a good source of general information about vermicomposting. (Click the logo to visit the site)
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