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Serving Glens Falls to Lake George,
and all of Washington County
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Residential Curbside Composting
Weekly service ($43/month)
5-gallon bin with secure lid
• Weekly pickup
• Clean bin swap every time
• 2 cubic feet of compost
   offered annually
Biweekly service ($21.50/month)
(or 2 buckets for $27/month)

5-gallon bin(s) with secure lid
• Every-other-week pickup
• Clean bin swap every time
• 1 cubic foot of compost   
   offered annually

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What our customers are saying ...


Adirondack Worm Farm will provide each customer with a 5-gallon bucket, and will collect that bucket either once a week or biweekly (depending on level of service selected) and leave a clean, empty bucket in its place, provided the customer's account is in good standing.

If the scheduled weekday pickup falls on a holiday, the pickup will occur the next weekday after the holiday. Buckets must be placed near the curb/roadway by noon on the date of pickup. In the event of severe weather, pickup service may be delayed until road conditions improve. Please be sure your bucket is not buried under a snowbank!

All official communications between Adirondack Worm Farm and its customers will be conducted via email. Any discussions by phone that contradict these terms and agreements will not be valid unless memorialized and agreed to by both Adirondack Worm Farm and the customer in a subsequent email.

Only compostable materials are to be placed in the bucket. Adirondack Worm Farm reserves the right to terminate an agreement with a customer if, in its sole discretion, the customer continues to place non-compostable materials in the bucket following multiple notices to the customer. A list of compostable materials is available on the website.


Customers agree to secure the bucket lids whenever the bucket is outside. If a bucket or lid is lost or broken (excluding normal wear and tear) there will be a $25 replacement fee. 

The amount of food scraps must be wholly contained within the 5-gallon bucket, with the lid securely in place. Customers may contact Adirondack Worm Farm if they would like additional buckets (including on an occasional basis), for an additional fee.

After one year of continuous service (and for each subsequent year), customers are entitled to either 1 or 2 cubic feet of finished compost (depending on level of service selected). If an anniversary month is November through March, compost will be delivered the following April.  If a customer so chooses, they can donate their share of compost to a community garden. There is no cash value equivalent offered in place of compost.

Customers will be billed via PayPal automatically each month on the date corresponding to their initial signup. Payments received are for the forthcoming monthly period of service. Customers may opt not to renew at any time, and will continue to receive service through the remainder of their monthly cycle. The 5-gallon buckets and lids remain the property of Adirondack Worm Farm and must be returned.

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