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Fabulous Fall

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

A lot of folks love love love summer. And there’s plenty to enjoy - from vacation season to barbecues to long days of sunshine.

But fall (or do you prefer autumn?) has a pretty sizeable fan base as well. It seems sometimes fall is more popular than spring (though not likely with gardeners).

The cooler evenings, the changing color of the trees, and the dwindling number of pesky bugs are all big-time positives.

Personally, we enjoy the change across the year through all four seasons. When the fields are nothing but brown, winter‘s serene beauty of a blanket of snow is wonderfu. When the cold seems to be dragging on, the days start getting brighter and things start melting, heralding the rebirth of spring.

We spent some time in the Southwest years ago, and while it is beautiful in its own right, having four distinct seasons is perfect.

Juts remember - it’s still summer until Sept. 22.

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