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Shining the Light on Solar Options

At Adirondack Worm Farm, we help people lessen their environmental impact in a simple, affordable way through our curbside composting concierge service. No mess, no odor, no hard work.

Besides composting all of our own food scraps at the farm (alongside our customers’ scraps), a few years ago we decided to take another step and install solar panels on our barn roof.

My brain is hard-wired to learn everything I can before signing on the dotted line, and that’s why we used EnergySage to help compare projects and quotes from different solar installers before selecting the best project for our needs.

Fast-forward to this year, and we are now partnering with EnergySage to get the word out about their objective solar educational resources and free competitive marketplace — a 100% online web portal that provides unbiased information on solar options (think Expedia or Kayak but for solar quotes). They don’t sell anything, but instead empower people by providing them the ability to compare solar quotes from locally vetted installers in an apples-to-apples format. This is all 100% online and you don’t receive calls from solar installers unless you want them. If you rent or have too many trees to make solar panels worthwhile on your home, you can compare community solar options.

If you’ve been thinking about installing solar panels, you can get a 26 percent federal tax credit this year, but that drops to 22 percent in 2023, and the following year, the federal credit is set to expire.

Check out EnergySage here, and be as knowledgeable as possible about solar, so if it works financially for you, you’ll be able to get it in place before the tax savings wither away. Don’t misunderstand — installing panels is a significant investment, but there are a number of financing options, and I can tell you, it’s a double bonus when you can say you’re reducing your environmental footprint and you know that no matter how high energy prices go, your costs won’t increase.

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