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Thanksgiving for the worms

Thanksgiving at our house is probably a lot like yours. We have way too much food and eat far more than we should. And we share the day with extended family and laughs and memories.

While we don't invite the worms to the feast, they certainly eat well in the weeks following, as there is plenty of what most people consider waste (but in reality is good worm food) from the rinds or pits of most fruits, to the peelings of potatoes and yams, to the leftover green beans and corn that have sat in the fridge a few days too many.

Through vermicomposting, rather than throwing all of this in the trash to take up space in a landfill, it can be fed to worms, who will process these green waste byproducts into top-notch natural fertilizer for your plants by springtime.

(Just keep out the fats, leftover meat and items like onions and garlic.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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