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Work-a-day worms

We’re in the height of summer, and vacation season is going strong.

While we aren’t taking a traditional "vacation" this summer, there have been a few long weekends to visit family and a day here and there for day trips (including a visit to an amusement park that reminds me how old I am).

The great thing about having a worm farm is you don't need to have someone cover for you if you go away for a few days - the worms are perfectly capable of caring for themselves. And as your "employees" creating high-quality vermicompost, the worms never take a vacation, or a day off. They feel like they are on a permanent vacation, simply eating and pooping to their hearts' (or aortic arches') content.

If you are vacationing this summer - we hope you have a great time and truly take time to relax and unwind.

People on camels
This isn't a picture of me on vacation, but years ago my mom did actually ride a camel!

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