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A Joyous Christmas season to all!

The Christmas tree is up, the stockings are hung, the lights are strung, and we're ready for jolly ole St. Nick.

It was touch and go as to whether we'd have a white Christmas, but it looks like there will at least be some bits of snow here and there on the ground on Dec. 25, but it feels like the weather unloaded too much snow too early in the season, and maybe ran out for late December?

The worms in our outdoor continuous flowthrough bin are nestled all snug in their bed, with Christmas rope lights encircling them to provide warmth and keep out the chill (along with insulated sides and cover). The idea of recycling and reusing materials doesn't stop with food scraps. These rope lights were being thrown away by someone because they were "inefficient" in that they throw off as much heat as they do light. We rescued them, and they've become modified heat cables that work just well enough for the thousands of worms in the bin in our unheated barn.

Merry Christmas!

(If you don't happen to celebrate Christmas, we wish you a Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, Happy Solstice, or just generally, glad tidings for the seaoson!)

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