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A matter of perspective

As spring approaches (slowly, ever so slowly!) I'm always fascinated at how warm it feels when the sun is shining and the temperatures gets up to the high 40s or even into the 50s (Farenheit). After several months of 20s and even below-zero readings, plenty of people are out on a sunny March day without any type of jacket. Your body immediately soaks in the warm(ish) sun, even if you are coming from a heated building with a thermostat set at 70º.

Your body and mind have become somewhat accustomed to really cold weather, even if you complain every day about it.

What is so fascinating to me is how quickly our bodies "forget" the mid-March feeling of 55º and sunshine just a few month later in October (or maybe September). The same temperature and sunshine in the fall is met with a sense of chill after the warm days of summer — and a need to bundle up with at least a sweatshirt, if not a warm jacket. You instinctively want to ward off the weather that six months earlier we embraced with shortsleeves and smiles.

I'm trying to take that lesson to other things in life. Any one situation can be viewed in vastly different ways, depending on how you approach it, and what your expectations were. If you expected a difficult meeting at work, or a really tough test at school, and it was an "average" day, you feel pretty good about having dodged a potential disaster.

That's not to say you should awake each morning with a doomsday attitude, just so the day will seem better by comparison. It's just something I find interesting on a warm(?) spring-like day.

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