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Chip, chip, hooray

Composting requires a mix of both nitrogen and carbon to be successful. The nitrogen or "greens" are food waste and fresh vegetative waste like green grass clippings. The carbon are the "browns" which can be leaves, straw, paper, cardboard or wood chips.

We received a mountain of wood chips over the last few weeks from a tree service working for National Grid, clearing overgrowth and tree limbs encroaching on the utility lines in the area.

This is another great way to turn a "problem" into a "solution" by using the chips in our composting process.

Just a reminder on the composting process: the general rule of thumb is a three-to-one ratio of carbon to nitrogen, it's important to note that's a general guideline. Fall leaves or shredded paper will break down much more quickly than wood chips, so you'll need a bit less when using chips versus using leaves.

(Pictured above is our "employee of the month" enjoying one of the perks of the job — being King of the Mountain ... of wood chips.)

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