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The vermicomposting community

Using worms to recycle waste material that might otherwise go to a landfill and turning it into super-charged natural compost is deeply satisfying. But there's another benefit to this endeavor. There is a relatively small, but very supportive network of vermicomposters who readily share their knowledge and experience with others online, either through their websites, Facebook groups, or in person at conferences.

You quickly realize this isn't just a job or "side hustle" people take on simply to make money, but rather is a passion and a pleasure that they want to share with others.

Folks like Bentley at Red Worm Composting, Steve at the Urban Worm Company, Rhonda at North Carolina State University (which hosts an annual vermiculture conference), and George at Kookaburra Worm Farm in Australia.

The "godmother" of vermicomposting is Mary Appelhof, who was using worms to create excellent plant fertilizer decades ago, In 1982, she self-published what many in the vermicompost industry consider to be the bible of vermicomposting, "Worms Eat My Garbage." The book has maintained its relevance over 35 years.

We're proud to be a part of this community.

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