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What vermicompost's impact looks like

There are any number of studies online about the benefits of using vermicompost to grow healthy, vibrant plants, but we wanted to do our own test to show the results using Adirondack Worm Farm vermicompost.

We worked with a gardening friend to conduct a semi-scientific experiment. He planted pepper seeds in a flat, with half of the flat holding regular potting soil, and half with potting soil and about 15% of vermicompost by volume (basically, about a teaspoon of vermicompost).

Scroll through the images to see the growth of the seedlings over the first six weeks at three different intervals. The seedling tray was placed under a grow light, so there was no preferential lighting, and it was turned regularly, so any possible environmental "advantage" for one side or the other was eliminated. The only difference here was the vermicompost. We will work to continue the experiment after the seedlings are planted in the ground (if it ever warms up or stops raining here in upstate New York!).

Here's to some delicious peppers later this season!

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